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Is an Annual Furnace Inspection Really Necessary?

Is an Annual Furnace Inspection Really Necessary?

Every homeowner wonders about the importance of annual air conditioner and furnace inspections. Do they really matter? Do they really make a difference? Are they worth the money? The experts at SDair answer with a big, resounding, “YES!” While you may think that HVAC companies are simply trying to muscle you out of extra money by suggesting these annual inspections, they are in fact incredibly necessary and helpful in extending the life of your furnace and making it run more efficiently.

One of the biggest reasons you need an annual furnace inspection is to maintain the warranty. Manufacturers strongly recommend that you have annual inspections even after your warranty runs out, but neglecting regular maintenance can void your warranty while you do still have it. Even if there isn’t a warranty issue, keeping up with regular inspections will help a great deal. Regular checks will help you learn if there is a minor issue with your furnace, and they can help you avoid larger more costly furnace repairs. With an older furnace especially, having regular checks can help your furnace function for longer and help you put off a new furnace installation for years. Even though there is a cost involved in annual furnace inspections, it will most likely be significantly lower than any furnace repair or new furnace installation that you may be facing if problems go unnoticed.

What Actually Happens During a Furnace Inspection?

The checklist of items that are inspected vary by company, as there is no industry standard as to what is required for annual furnace inspections. When you hire a furnace repair technician from SDair to do an annual furnace inspection, he or she will give you an overview of what’s being looked at and inspected. If you have any questions or would like a particular issue to be examined more thoroughly, simply ask your furnace repair technician. While the average homeowner can perform a few basic furnace repair tasks, it is highly recommended by all furnace repair specialists that you have a professional do complete inspections of your furnace. A trained eye is far more prepared to take in and evaluate a furnace’s condition than an average homeowner, and it will be better in the long run to have a professional ensure that your furnace is in good, working condition.