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Floor Heating vs Wall Heating?

There are a lot of different options when it comes to heating your home. If you don’t have a good HVAC system in place (and aren’t in the mood to pay to have all your walls torn down at the moment), you may want to consider going with floor or wall heating. These are both great options and when it comes to heating your home, you want a dependable heating system.

Wall heaters are used in many homes across America. There are many different type of wall heaters, such as electric, gas, and even water. These are great for heating a small area, and you can add one to any room without having to pay huge installation fees. Our installation team at SDair can help you through the whole process.

Wall heaters can also be very energy efficient. You can turn them down in the rooms you are not using and save a lot of money on your heating bill. These units also heat up quickly, so you can turn them down when you’re away from home and then just turn them on again when you return. This isn’t the same case with floor heating, however, as it can take several hours for you to feel the heat from a floor system after turning it on.

If you are in the process of re-doing your floors or building a new home, it might be a good time to consider having floor heating installed. Though it costs a bit more for the installation, it can be well worth it. Unlike a traditional wall unit, a floor heating system will warm up the room evenly. Since heat rises, a wall heater will have a hard time keeping the room warm further away from it, but with floor heating, the heating coils are evenly distributed beneath your floor.

Floor heating comes in both electric and water versions, both of which can be a good option. Our expert team at SDair can help you in deciding what type of floor heating would be best for you. These work best under a tile or concrete floor, and are often used in bathrooms and kitchens.
No matter which route you end up going, SDair will help you along the way. Call 619-446-6403 and we’ll work with you to figure out exactly what type of heating is best for you.