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The Basic Components of Your Air Conditioner

In our last post, we showed you basic steps you can take to make sure your air conditioning contractor is a legitimate company concerned about helping you. Another way to protect yourself and your air-conditioning is to build basic familiarity with a well-maintained air conditioner. Here is a breakdown of the basic components of your air conditioning system.

Electrical Components

Modern air conditioners are engineered to a high degree of precision. Under normal conditions, they should function properly. The electrical components, such as fuses, circuit breakers, compressors, and fan controls are often the first to wear out, especially if your AC system is turning on and off more than it needs to. The electrical parts can also corrode; this is a relatively simple problem to fix once isolated. A trained AC repair technician will check all of these components. They are often the easiest to repair, and failure to maintain them can lead to much bigger problems down the road.


This is a chemical mixture that drives the cooling of the system. It may have a leak, may have been poorly installed, or may have been overcharged. This part should be checked by an expert air conditioner contractor for proper levels, possible leaks, and correct installation.

Filters and AC Coils

These parts require regular cleaning and maintenance. If they become dirty, other parts of the AC system are overworked and tend to fail sooner than they should. Some types of filters can be reused after cleaning, while others must be replaced once they are clogged. Maintaining the air filter can also reduce electricity usage and ultimately lower your electricity bill.


The thermostat needs to work accurately in order to keep the overall system functioning. It can also help to determine the type of problem your AC system is facing.

Condensation Line

This line evacuates condensation from the AC system. It can become clogged or moldy, resulting in poor functioning.


All of these components of your air conditioner work together to keep it functioning efficiently. If you are experiencing problems with your AC, or simply want to schedule routine maintenance, a professional and experienced air conditioner contractor from SDair is happy to be of service.