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Choosing The Right HVAC System For Your Home or Business

How to best heat your San Diego home?

You have more options in San Diego than ever before. We suggest speaking with an expert to choose the right HVAC system for your home or business
Let’s discuss the options available that will give you the comfort and energy efficiency that suits your specific needs?

We suggest starting with this list of new system options. When you begin to get a sense of what you’re looking for in a heating system, contact SDair Heating and Air Conditioning and let our trained, NATE-certified heating technicians assist you in narrowing down your selections to the best heater for you.

Here are some options to consider:


Furnaces are the most common heating system today, and they have been for centuries. However, the high-tech gas furnaces sold today have little in common with systems from just 20 years ago. New gas furnaces produce high efficiency ratings and provide even, comfortable heating throughout your space. Some major advantages furnaces have are their flexibility in heating capacity, dimension, and fuel source: there’s almost always a type of furnace to fit your home. However, they do require ducts to distribute the heat. On average electric resistant furnaces cost more to run than gas furnaces, and in San Diego heat pumps can cost more to run than gas furnaces, due to our high electric rates.

Heat pumps

For San Diego weather, heat pumps make great choices for heating and cooling, since they can do both. Heat pumps use less energy than most furnace systems when it comes to heating because they do not burn fuel to produce heat, but instead use a small amount of electricity to move heat from one place to another. They can struggle on really cold nights (under 38 degrees), but that’s rarely a issue in San Diego. To be safe, you can always install low cost electric heat strips to supplement a heat pump, just in case extreme cold weather occurs.

Ductless mini split systems

These are small to medium size heat pumps, that operate in the same way as standard heat pumps, except they do not need duct work to distribute the heat or cooled air. Instead of ducts, these systems use small air handlers placed throughout a house that send air directly into the living space. These work well for houses that don’t have duct work or an attic or crawlspace in which ducts can be run. They also have the advantage of providing zone control: Meaning you only heat or cool the areas that are getting used, rather than the entire house. This leads to energy savings.

When it comes to selecting a heating system, don’t go it alone and make the decision without professional input. Heating and Air Conditioning experts can come to your home and perform a heat load calculation that will determine how much heating capacity your house requires to make it comfortable. Based on this information, along with your budget and available fuel sources, our experts can guide you to an ideal heating system that will keep you happy throughout the winter.

SDair Heating and Air Conditioning specializes in providing quality heating and cooling to San Diego residents and businesses.
Join our list of satisfied customers and contact us when you want advice or help with the installation of your new heating system.