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Do You Need an Air Conditioning Duct Replacement?

Do You Need an Air Conditioning Duct Replacement?

Although your air conditioner is the largest appliance in your home and uses up to 40% of your consumed electricity, you likely don’t think about it much. Aside from adjusting the thermostat here and there, or replacing a filter every so often, you probably have an “out of sight, out of mind” relationship with your air conditioning unit. But then a problem arises, and your air conditioner is constantly at the forefront of your mind.


Inspect Your Ducts for Problems

There are countless ways that you can try to avoid the need for air conditioning repair, and you likely know that regular maintenance and servicing will help delay the inevitable air conditioning replacement. One big way to check on your air conditioner and hopefully avoid costly repairs is to keep an eye on your ductwork.

The most common problem with ducts is leaking. Leaky ductwork can cause the winter air to be too dry and the summer air to be too humid. Leaking can also result in mold and leaks elsewhere in your home, leading to poor air quality and more damages to repair. Look at your ducts and the area surrounding them for cracks, wetness, or mold.

Be sure to look around for broken down areas of your ducts as well. If certain areas are falling apart even slightly, you will have more dust in your air conditioning system and in your home. You will also be wasting energy, as the air conditioner has to work even harder to pump cold air through poorly insulated ductwork.


Call in a Professional Air Conditioner Repair Expert

Problems with your ductwork can create multiple other issues that are very costly to repair and that require an air conditioner repair expert. If you suspect a problem with your ductwork, call in a professional. The air conditioning experts at SDair will inspect your ductwork and give you suggestions on how to proceed based on what they find. A simple repair may be in order or a ductwork replacement may be necessary. While replacing your ducts will still cost you money, you will be hitting the source of the problem head on and saving yourself money in the long run.


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